New Rates to Begin 6/1/2017

Effective Billing Statement 6/1/2017, the District will be increasing the water meter rates by $.50 for each connection and $.02 on each tier of the 3-tier rate structure. 

With the 3-tier rate schedule and consumption billed in 10 gallon units a customer will have more control over their monthly water bill and with the consumption charges increasing in each tier, those who use more will pay more, which also promotes water conservation. 

You may click the link below to read all about the rates in the April and May 2015 newsletter and also to see the current new rate schedule and what that means to you.

2017 Rate Schedule.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [23.0 KB]
2017.04 Newsletter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [793.5 KB]

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